Google Scripts

Bathroom Log works within a domain. Make a copy of the document to explore. Use it to track the use of the bathroom. Check in and check out by a logged in user. A user cannot check out until the previous user returns. This is a pretty simple code that can be expanded to other uses.

Formative Feedback Menu will need the creation of a Google Sheet to put the feedback in. Each function inserting into the Google Sheet can be added to a menu. Use it to collect based on a formative check-in question mid-class. Adopt the menu to create a game response or even turn it into a web app for button clicking ability.

Shared Calendar Signup attach the function to an onFormSubmit trigger to collect emails from a form and add the user to a calendar as a writer or change it to a reader. It';s a different way to share a calendar.

Random Numbers Generate numbers , one per slide, then randomize them. The randomizing of slides code can be used to randomize any slide deck. Great for reviews.