Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms can be achieved in Google Meet with a bit of preparation. Students can be in various Google Meet rooms which a teacher can participate and monitor.

  1. Create a Google Doc to hold the hyperlinks of your Breakout Rooms

  2. Create names for your rooms

  3. Create random characters to be your "nicknames" (I just pretend type fast to make these)

  4. Place before each of the random characters

    • This works to create and link nickname style meets

  5. Link the room names to each meet link you just created

  6. When you are ready for the meet open each link and join. Mute your microphone as you do

  7. Use an extension like Mute Tab to mute the joined breakout rooms

  8. Announce the Breakout Room document in Classroom when you are ready

    • Individual links could also be assigned to groups of student to prevent room hopping.

    • Advanced: Use an extension like Tab Resize for an overall view layout