Google Add-ons / Extensions

Meet Attendance

When in Meet select to view the people. Accept the permissions the first time. Close and reopen the people to capture attendance for the first time. Click the Attendance icon to open the Attendance Spreadsheet. Right click for further options, Add a timestamped sheet in the set Spreadsheet, Create a new Spreadsheet, Turn Attendance collection off, Send feedback, Reset the extension. You can manage your subscription at

Record to Slides

Record videos and automatically load them into the slide you are on.

Use the video icon in the upper right to add video into your slide.

Photos to Slides

Import Google Photos Albums into slides. Each photo in the album is added as a new slide.

Select an album in photos. Each image in the Album will be inserted full size each on a new slide. Trial use is limited to 50 photos. Subscribing will allow the addition of captions and loading up to 1000 photos as well as access to shared albums.

Slides Timer

Create Countdown, Stopwatch, and Digital Clock in Slides

Create text Clocks and Countdown and Stopwatch capabilities in Google Slides presentations.

  • <<time>> will create a digital clock in AM/PM format.

  • <<0:00+>> will count up from the specified time 0:00 in this case.

  • <<1:00->> will count down from the specified time.

Slides Reveal

Reveal Slides to a shared presentation one slide at a time

Meet Chat Transcribe

Transcribe chats directly to a Google Doc in the extension created Google Drive folder labeled Meet Chat Transcripts


Create Forms from a sheet synced with a Google Calendar event. Add limits on how many can be invited, Connect video conferencing, Display times in multiple time zones.

Slide Object Order

Arrange Tab Order and Layers on a slide.

Order objects on a slide. Take greater control of the tab order and arrangement of layers. Tab order is from back to front. Use listed objects and drag them to create a new order.


Tag Classroom Submission with the Assignment Topic.

Tag your student's submitted files with the assignment topic as a hashtag. Search the hashtag in your drive to find all the relevant files. Includes the option to organize the files in a secondary folder with the topic name.

Classroom Share

Share Courses, Assignments, and Announcements from Classroom to Classroom.

Classroom share pulls Course assignments and announcements from your Classroom into Sheets. It allows you to edit the data in sheets and then select and push to a selected course. Use Classroom Share to develop curriculum and share it with colleagues. Sharing the Sheet with others who also have Classroom Share will allow them to import the Announcements and Assignments into their courses.

Folder Migration Access is for Google Super Admins to provide users the ability to move/migrate folders into Shared drives. This add-on gives users the Admin role permission to do so in bulk.

Classroom Schedule Announce allows the scheduling of auto recurring announcements and auto removals. Remind your class of quizzes and have the announcement auto removed to avoid cluttering the stream.

Drive Sweeper searches your drive for all files last viewed by you before a particular date. You can then select to delete the result.