Google Add-ons

Classroom Share

Share Courses, Assignments, and Announcements from Classroom to Classroom.

Classroom share pulls Course assignments and announcements from your Classroom into Sheets. It allows you to edit the data in sheets and then select and push to a selected course. Use Classroom Share to develop curriculum and share it with colleagues. Sharing the Sheet with others who also have Classroom Share will allow them to import the Announcements and Assignments into their courses.

Photos to Slides

Import Google Photos Albums into slides. Each photo in the album is added as a new slide.

Select an album in photos. Each image in the Album will be inserted full size each on a new slide.

Slide Object Order

Arrange Tab Order and Layers on a slide.

Order objects on a slide. Take greater control of the tab order and arrangement of layers. Tab order is from back to front. Use listed objects and drag them to create a new order.


Tag Classroom Submission with the Assignment Topic.

Tag your student's submitted files with the assignment topic as a hashtag. Search the hashtag in your drive to find all the relevant files. Includes the option to organize the files in a secondary folder with the topic name.